4 December 2016



Independance & Extensive Expertise
of Financial Sector

Our difference : We believe and promote a New Idea of Consulting & Advisory services !

Because we are independant with an extensive expertise of the financial sector, our consultants can assist your organisation providing valuable solutions based on a long term sustainable value creation vision.


istock_88044457_xlarge-nb-webAs consultant, our approach is to deliver tangible solutions improving your organisation efficiency, not to charge time.

We are proposing to our clients customized and valuable solutions, including Value Proposition regarding innovative business model which we implement into their operating model, providing operational and concrete solutions.  Our remuneration scheme can therefore be based on tangible Key Performance Indicators based on a win-win model. We are earning money only if you do and… only if our solutions are working properly.

Our Advisory Team dedicated to the Financial Sector is providing high value added services on 4 Excellence areas.

These 4 Areas of Expertise are giving to our clients a unique expertise combining the identification of Value Creation Opportunities on the market and the practical & concrete expertise in Business Transformation in order to drive the change and new capabilities (business Disruptive) in their operating model.

4 competence centers focused on the financial sector

… which help you to anticipate and define your strategies with more accuity in a constantly changing sector


Our studies center and our experienced consultants can help you to:

  • Define your operating strategy in line with your business lines strategy
  • Identify and build business models for new market opportunities



Our deep expertise in the definition of architecture and process reengineering allows us to bring added value in:Redéfinition de modèle opérationnel cible basée sur de nouveaux principes directeurs (outsourcing/ offshoring)

  • Re definition of the operating model based on new guidelines (outsourcing/offshoring).
  • Set-up of continuous improvement strategies to increase efficiency and agility of the processes.
  • Definition and set-up of an operating model for service including associated monitoring tools.


We have a very deep expertise in risk management including regulatory reporting (see BPO offer) In an area in constant flux and evolution we can help you with:

  • A trusted partner for implementation of regulatory reportings from interpretation of the regulatory texts to the IT set-up.
  • Monitoring new developments of the regulatory framework.


Technology and innovation have always been at the heart of our strategy. The current developments in Fintech have strengthened our conviction of the importance of technology and of an independent approach. In the field of technology we can help you with:

  • A disruptive approach aiming to create comparative advantages using the leverage of technology
  • The set-up of more performing IT tools that follow business guidelines by setting-up a prospective blueprint.

We carefully follow and analyse
the evolution of markets 
either in terms of regulatory evolution as well as clients’ needs
in order to anticipate impact of future
changes of structuration.

Our studies center and our experienced consultants follow these 4 sectors :

• Private Banking & Wealth management

• Asset Management

• Asset Servicing

• Capital Markets & Investment banking

Focusing on sectorial business intelligence allows us to offer to our clients strategies and value creating solutions.

In the last 12 years, our convictions allowed us to get a track record often announcing future trends:

  • In 2004, we were offering the structuration of “securities lending” in order to maximise revenues of Assets servicers/Assets Managers in Luxembourg
  • In 2007, our studies showed the coming changes in the Private Banking and Wealth management and the scissor effect affecting the sector players.
  • In 2009, we anticipated new strategic models for private banking and the changes on the offshore/onshore model.
  • We also forecasted the breakdown of the value chain in Private Banking and the emergence of family offices.
  • For some years now we have been investing in the Fintech trend thanks to our Opexia incubator.