Strategic Axis 7: Refocus on its core business and usage of outsourcing

Refocus on your core business and usage of outsourcing

The change taking place in the sector requires understanding this notion of potential “disruption” made possible by productivity gains and the reasoning in terms of ecosystems applicable by the very strong segmentation underway (see Opexia analysis).
The “Open banking” ecosystem is gradually being put in place. This change requires large-scale transformations in the human capital of organizations and working habits.
Operational efficiency must be at the heart of thinking as well as the customer experience. Faced with these challenges, it becomes crucial to choose the focus of investments, the time spent on changing banking logistics processes and the relevance of doing it yourself, especially on processes outside the scope of the customer experience.

Paradoxically,the rise of technology leads bankers to ask themselves the question of the specialization of their business model and their creation of value.