Entity regulated by the CSSF,
we provide B2B/B2C high quality services to individuals or companies active in the field of Wealth Management (Fiduciaries, Lawyers, Family office, Chartered accountants)

International competency from Luxembourg

Our expertise enables us to provide our B2B/B2C customers with services on :

  • Wealth management and support services for Familly Offices, independant advisor or Chartered accountant;
  • Certified and regulated by the CSSF we offer domiciliation services for investment vehicles or financial investment holdings (SOPARFI/Private UCI);
  • We are able to provide a complete B2B/B2C service offer after the structuration (accounting services, Company management) via our BPO services platform.

Stay in Control of your Customers : With our platform your organisation can keep the focus on business development & final client needs

istock_88567133_xlarge-nb-webWe are independent and we have a real expertise in the financial services sector. Therefore, we are able to help you by designing different solutions that create long term value.

Our   services allow us to offer bespoke advice to our B2B/B2C clients. Our deep knowledge of financial services allow us to bring real value through our unique network of lawyers, and financial institutions.

Our domiciliation and company administration services offer allows us to give a service with the best price/quality ratio of the market while making sure of the privacy of your data.

Fiduciary, Chartered accountants, Family offices or independant advisor ? 4 success key factors to support your customers

… with a firm that helps you to anticipate and provide B2B services for helping you in the wealth strategy definition and implementation.


Luxembourg market place has a unique experience in international financial engineering:

  • We help your organisation to define the usage of Luxembourg vehicules in your wealth strategy for your end customers, whether it is to prepare a future succession, build a patrimony or develop an international business.

B2B services combining deep expertise of financial sector & digital services

Our deep expertise allows us to bring a real value :

  • OPEXIA has a team of Financial services sector experts coming from the major firms and institutions of Luxembourg to support your organisation
  • Our administrators are very experienced consultant who can bring essential expertise in areas that complement the Executive Board duties.
  • Certified and regulated by the CSSF, our services bring additional security to our clients.


We created a technology plateform for our clients.
Using our know-how and expertise of risk and regulatory framework we can help our clients by :

  • Giving high value advice tailored to the client’s needs
  • Be an efficient implementation partner: from interpretation of regulatory texts to operations set-up
  • Monitoring new developments of regulatory framework


Our madates are performed in total independence. That allows us to serve your best interest for your wealth strategy. For that reason, we have created a unique netword of high perfomance partners:

  • Specialised business law firms
  • Banks and financial institutions that bring value on financing engineering, asset management or custody services.
  • Business law firm specializing in the subjects of our clients

We carefully follow and analyse the evolution the evolution of markets,
either in terms of regulatory evolution
as well as clients’ needs
in order to anticipate impact
of future changes of structuration.

Our studies center and our experienced consultants follow these 4 sectors:

• Private Banking & Wealth management

• Asset Management

• Asset Servicing

• Capital Markets & Investment banking

Focusing on sectorial business intelligence allows us to offer to our clients strategies and value creating solutions.

In the last 12 years, our convictions allowed us to get a track record often announcing future trends:

  • In 2004, we were offering the structuration of “securities lending” in order to maximise revenues of Assets servicers/Assets Managers in Luxembourg
  • In 2007, our studies showed the coming changes in the Private Banking and Wealth management and the scissor effect affecting the sector players.
  • In 2009, we anticipated new strategic models for private banking and the changes on the offshore/onshore model.
  • We also forecasted the breakdown of the value chain in Private Banking and the emergence of family offices.
  • For some years now we have been investing in the Fintech trend thanks to our Opexia incubator.